About Our Athletes

Athletes understand the clear connection between our health and performance, and how the environment impacts our health.

Our mission is to promote better understanding of the relationship between the health of the planet and our health, economy, jobs, national security, social justice and quality of life.

At A4HP we are dedicated to finding solutions for a cleaner, healthier, safer future for our communities, our country, and our world.

Our goal is victory for the human race.

Climate change is forcing some of our most beloved outdoor athletic activities indoors.

We need workable local, state, national and international plans that cut dangerous emissions and curb man-made destruction.

This is not just about protecting our environment: This is about creating new jobs, growing our economy and protecting our national security.

Send a message urging your senators to support and work together to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year.

Every day the Senate fails to pass clean energy and climate policy, the risks to our economy, our national security and our environment increase in size and severity. We can’t afford to lose any more time.

We urge you to work with senators on both sides of the aisle to ensure passage of strong comprehensive climate and energy legislation this year. Our future demands no less.