Month: July 2019

Mind and Body Connection for Better Athletic Performance

Mind and Body Connection for Better Athletic Performance

What does an athlete need to improve her performance levels consistently? Flexible joints, lean muscles, energetic body, strong cardiovascular system, efficient digestive system, and agile nervous system are some of the most important factors. A sharp mind with highly sensitive sense organs can boost the performance significantly. Hence, it is important to keep the brain at maximum efficiency. How can you do that?

Workout for Brain

The workout for the brain starts with developing mental strength. In the first step, you can use a set of random images on the board or your computer. You need to remember the name of every object and its exact position in the image. Then the image position should change randomly within the next two cycles of workouts. You should be able to recall the exact position of each object before and after every cycle of changes.

The exercise may seem to be very dynamic and impossible to perform in the beginning. Regular practice can make things simple and fast. You can increase the level of complexity by trying to remember the shape, size, color, and other attributes of the objects at higher levels.

There are many such exercises like crisscross puzzles, math, and others. You can improve not only the mental ability and intellect but also the level of sharpness and speed.

Relaxation for Mind

Your mind is the most active part of you. It works when you are awake or sleeping. The conscious mind comes into the picture while you are awake. The subconscious mind starts working when you are sleeping. Keeping both of them in the relaxed condition is highly essential for focus and concentration.

Keeping negative feelings like anxiety, anger, agitation, depression, restlessness, and others are very important to perform at peak levels. There are many ways in which you can do it.


Yoga is one of the tested methods for improving your mind and body health. It can fine tune the central nervous system into perfect harmony with your brain. The energy flow between body and brain gets restored to healthy conditions. Positive thoughts start flowing freely and the negations reduce considerably. Yoga is also useful for aligning the circulatory system in order. The flow of oxygenated blood can carry the required vitamins and nutrients to the brain cells. The functioning of neurotransmitters becomes normal.

Normalization of cardiovascular and metabolic organs through yoga can significantly influence your brain activities. Positive signals from the heart, lungs, and the neuromuscular systems can convey the message that everything is OK to the brain. The yoga experts call it the perfect state of mind and body connection.


Meditation in the true essence is the absence of thoughts in the mind. It may not be possible to reach that stage practically. However, meditation can relieve many of the negations from your mind. Your ability to focus on the task in hand increases phenomenally. Your mind doesn’t distract during any of the complex activities by external or internal disturbances. It is one way of training your mind for tough athletic training.…