Day: April 14, 2019

Top 5 Exercises to Make you Live Longer

Yes, it’s true that exercise in any form is good for our body. However, a recent study reveals that sports is more advantageous and can help in increasing longevity. It is known to be beneficial than all solitary exercises. Team sports are considered to be best for longevity in individuals. Since team sports involve social interaction with the partner and also with others, it is known to be good for the mind and body. In fact, soccer, badminton and tennis are considered to be the best form of exercise for the body.

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However, it might not be possible to indulge in sports and that too team sports. In such situations, there are a few exercises which might help to live long.

Brisk WalkingBrisk walking helps in living a healthier life. If you walk briskly on a regular basis, it will help you in maintaining a healthy weight. Your blood circulation will improve and you will be able to manage different health conditions which include high blood pressure, heart related problems and also diabetes. Brisk walking for 30 minutes in a day will help in burning calories and stay fit for a long time.

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Strength Training – Did you think that strength training is only for bodybuilders? No – if you lift light weights, you are not going to bulk your muscles but you are going to strengthen them. In case you do not use the muscles for a long time, you will gradually lose their strength. Muscles are an important part of our body, as they help in burning calories. Thus, the more calories you are able to burn, the more you will be able to maintain your weight. However, remember you need to start with light weights and gradually increase.

Yoga – It is important to help your heart health. Yoga is a wonderful exercise which is excellent for strength building and muscle toning. It offers great benefit for cardiovascular health, as the heart rate increases without causing any strain.

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Sit-Ups: Sit ups are quite like crunches and are extremely good for the body. Sit ups help in toning the entire body, they help in improving the blood circulation and increase flexibility of the muscles. Sit-ups are beneficial as they help in burning calories and strengthen the core muscles.  Regular sit-ups can help in stabilizing all core muscles and keep the spine protected. Thus, a person has lesser chances of spine or back injury and the posture improves as well.

Planks Planks are one of the best workouts of the body as it helps in tightening some of the deepest core muscles of the body. This is a static exercise which uses the arms to slowly raise the body from the body. The whole body is rigid and straight quite like a wooden plank. The exercise can be done anywhere and without the need of any equipment. This exercise is considered to be more effective than crunches or the sit-ups as they work just on the superficial abdominal muscles.

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The key is to continue exercising continuously and of course in the right way.