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Our Team

Mike Richter, former NHL goalie, who helped lead the N.Y. Rangers to the Stanley Cup and the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team to a silver medal, is a founder of A4HP. Climate change hit home for Mike when he realized the frozen hockey ponds of his childhood had disappeared. Sports born in the outdoors now are played indoors. “No one has a greater stake in a cleaner, healthier planet than athletes,” says Mike. Our team now includes tennis greats Billie Jean King and John McEnroe, Olympic medalists Connie Carpenter and Angela Ruggiero, NHL icon Mark Messier, Professional Race Car Drive Leilani Münter, and more.

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Our Goal

Athletes understand the clear connection between our health and performance, and how the environment impacts our health. Our mission is to promote better understanding of the relationship between the health of the planet and our health, economy, jobs, national security, social justice and quality of life. At A4HP we are dedicated to finding solutions for a cleaner, healthier, safer future for our communities, our country, and our world. Our goal is victory for the human race.

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Get In The Game

Don't let the politicians in Washington blow it. The House passed historic climate legislation last year. Now it is time for the Senate to finish the job. But instead of moving ahead with legislation that stands the best chance ever of getting support from both Democrats and Republicans, the Senate is dragging its feet. Act now. Call, write or e-mail your Senator. Tell your Senator our families, our communities and our nation need this law this year.

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